Alabama Extension Puts All Hands on Deck After Michael

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Hurricane Michael blew through the Southeastern region in early October. Vegetable growers in Georgia are still suffering from sunburnt peppers, and Florida growers are facing up to 100 percent crop loss.

In Alabama, cotton seemed to take the worst hit in the southeastern corner of the state. Hurricane Michael also devastated greenhouses, cucumbers, tomatoes and several Alabama Extension research plots. Ayanava Majumdar, Extension entomologist with Alabama Cooperative Extension, says the storm destroyed a high tunnel on one of his plots that cost $2,500 to rebuild after Hurricane Irma struck it in September 2017.

Despite facing losses of its own, Alabama Extension has been instrumental in helping producers bounce back after Hurricane Michael. Majumdar has been spending his time making sure producers are aware of the relief website,

The website gives producers the latest news on recovery efforts and offers tips from Extension professionals regarding farm cleanup following the storm. Majumdar encourages producers to stay up-to-date with the website.

The Alabama Farmers Federation established a relief fund in late October to help producers impacted by Hurricane Michael. Visit for more information.

Hear more from Majumdar regarding relief efforts:

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