Some Avocados Voluntarily Recalled

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By Alison DeLoach

Henry Avocado Corporation in California has voluntarily recalled its avocados in response to fear the fruit might be contaminated with listeria. The avocados were packaged and distributed to six states, including California, Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

The company decided to voluntarily recall its avocados after a test for listeria came back positive during a routine government inspection of the packing plant. Listeria can cause very serious, sometimes fatal, infection in children, elderly people and those with weakened immune systems.

Michael Droke, a partner at the international law firm Dorsey & Whitney who focuses on agriculture and cooperative law, said “Suppliers and packers must remain vigilant in the face of food borne illnesses.” Droke explained how these voluntary recalls became more prevalent after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration received legislative authority to mandate recalls. By allowing forced recalls from the government, most suppliers increased the amount of voluntary recalls they have. He noted that consumers need to diligently follow the instructions provided by the avocado supplier and to carefully wash potentially contaminated foods and the surfaces used to prepare the foods.

Henry Avocado Corporation is using extreme caution, ensuring the safety of its customers by recalling these avocados. Consumers who purchased them are urged to discard them.