Blueberry Management for July

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) reminds Florida producers about what blueberry management tactics they need to consider as the calendar turns to July.

Growers should scout for algal stem blotch, a key disease in southern highbush blueberries. It can stunt growth and cause yellowing in leaves. Farmers should also monitor and manage leaf diseases. They should also continue thorough irrigation or banded bed applications of a phosphorous acid product every month to manage bacterial wilt disease.

Blueberry Management
algal stem blotch

Growers should also monitor for various insect pests, including flea beetles, larval citrus root weevil, larval flatheaded borer, chilli thrips and southern red mites. Apply appropriate control measures if pests are present. Root weevils can be monitored by pulling out dead or dying plants and examining the roots and surrounding soil and bark.

Leaves should be collected for tissue nutrient analysis if it wasn’t done during June. Select samples from expanded leaves in the middle of a summer growth flush.

Producers can also apply a post-emergence herbicide if weeds are at a certain density to hinder bush growth.