Citrus and Specialty Crop Expo Pre-Registration Closes Aug. 16

Clint ThompsonCitrus and Specialty Crop Expo

Photo by Clint Thompson/Last year’s Citrus and Specialty Crop Expo in Tampa, Florida.

By Clint Thompson

The Citrus and Specialty Crop Expo, slated for Aug. 21-22 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, appeals to fruit and vegetable growers from across the Southeast, including those from Georgia, Alabama and North Florida.

It will offer seminar sessions that highlight specialty crop production while also offering opportunities to discuss business with the many vendors that will be in attendance.

Josh McGill, show director for AgNet Media, discussed specialty crops and their significance in being part of the show.

“We added specialty crops in the last several years and continue to try to develop more educational opportunities for them; and also, just to meet with the vendors. It means a lot to be able to get out and make the handshakes and make the deals with some of these vendors, whether it be to buy a tractor or buy a truck of fertilizer or crop chemicals or crop insurance,” McGill said. “They’re all there on the floor and ready to meet with these growers. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet with those suppliers while also networking with other growers and seeing what growers that might be down in South Florida are doing or growers in Alabama, or we had growers all the way up from the Carolinas last year coming down. We’re excited to see more people coming. I think it’s a little easier getting in and out of Tampa as well.”

Those interested in registering for the event can click here. Pre-registration will close Friday, Aug. 16 at 11:59 a.m.