Clemson Extension Agents: Inspect Strawberry Plants

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Weekly Field Update

Clemson Extension agents provide updates in The South Carolina Grower this week about the status of various crops being produced throughout the state.

Strawberry transplants going in the ground. (R. Last)

Coastal Region

Zack Snipes

  • We finally got some much needed rain. I know many farmers were gambling by waiting on the rain to bed up for strawberry planting.
  • We should be planting strawberries this week.
  • Have I mentioned how putting up a deer fence NOW will deter deer before they begin feeding on your plants? I would happily inspect strawberry plants when they arrive on your farm. I’m just a call or text message away.
  • Other crops seem to be progressing nicely, especially with the rain and temperature dip.


Rob Last

  • Generally, crops are looking very good.
  • Some welcome rain this week has helped all crops.
  • We are seeing increasing numbers of lepidopteran pests, particularly diamondback moth.
  • Black rot is in evidence in some brassica fields.
  • Strawberry planting has begun in the area.
  • Rainfall will help with the establishment.
  • Remember, overhead irrigation for the first few weeks after transplanting can be beneficial to aid in establishment.
  • Please check plants carefully for pests and diseases.

Sarah Scott

  • We received some much needed rain last week. Some areas got upwards of 3 inches. 
  • Strawberry planting is in full swing. Remember to inspect plants carefully upon arrival, especially the roots. 
  • Bell pepper harvest continues as well as some tomatoes and squash. Brassica plants are coming along nicely with no major issues right now.

Phillip Carnley

  • Strawberry growers in my area are now receiving their plants. Upon arrival, inspect plants thoroughly for signs of various diseases and insect/mite pests. A pre-plant dip is recommended if your patch has previously had issues with anthracnose crown rot. 
  • There are a few late plantings of cowpeas left, with the yields looking pretty good but slowing down considerably with the cooler temperatures. 
  • Fall greens are doing great, especially with the much needed rain. As of late, the diamondback caterpillar is the ever-present pest showing up in multiple plantings of various stages/ages. 
  • Sweet potatoes have almost all been harvested with yields looking pretty food and little to no insect issues other than the occasional ding from the wireworm complex.