Gas, Diesel Costs Drop, Still Elevated

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Gas and diesel prices remain inflated when compared to last year but have shown signs of decreasing in recent weeks.

According to AAA Gas Prices, diesel costs averaged $5.62 on July 12, a decrease of 10 cents compared to the prior week, and down 9 cents compared to a month ago. But the expense is still extremely high compared to a year ago when prices were $3.26.

Regular unleaded gasoline costs on average $4.65, down from $4.80 from a week ago and $5.01 last month. It is still inflated compared to a year ago when gas costs averaged $3.14.

The Southeast still has the lowest gasoline prices compared to the rest of the United States. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are included in the southeastern states that have prices ranging from $4.16 to $4.38 per gallon.