Gas, Diesel Prices Continue to Tumble

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Average gas diesel prices continue to drop across the U.S., which is good news for Southeast specialty crop producers hoping to see a decline in input expenses.

According to AAA, Monday’s average for regular non-leaded was $4.35 per gallon, a decrease from last week’s $4.52 and last month’s $4.90. It is still much higher, though, than the $3.15 cost from a year ago.

Diesel prices are $5.41, compared to $5.53 last week and $5.79 a month ago. It is still much higher, though than the $3.27 cost from a year ago.

Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are classified in the lowest gas price category among all southeastern states, $3.85 to $4.02, while Florida and North Carolina are in the second lowest category at $4.02 to $4.30.

The average gas price for Georgia was $3.88 and Alabama was $3.92. Florida’s cost was $4.08.