Georgia Grown Reveals New Slogan

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Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black

Georgia Grown was well represented at the Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference (SERFVC) in Savannah this past week. Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black was excited to be representing Georgia Grown at the conference and to release its brand-new slogan.

Georgia Grown is ready to begin 2018 with its new slogan: Nature’s Favorite State. The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s “Georgia Grown” brand is quickly building, and Black is expecting it to evolve even more in 2018 with the new slogan as a driving force. “I like to call it Georgia Grown 2.0,” he said.

According to Black, the new slogan is the perfect way to summarize Georgia agriculture. “There’s so many good things that happen in Georgia, and so many great growers and diverse commodities with the ability to produce most of the year,” he said.

Black added that the SERFVC was the perfect place to reveal the new slogan and help build the Georgia Grown brand. He is hoping to find more Georgia growers to affiliate with the brand and place the logo on their packaging.

The SERFVC is not only a good place to spread the Georgia Grown brand, but it also provides a great opportunity to get an update on the industry. Black said he uses this conference to get some advice from the growers as to where Georgia Grown should be heading in 2018. “It’s not just about us pushing the messaging, but we have to be responsive to what the growers want,” he said.

Black said that he has seen nothing during the conference but optimism in the growers’ eyes for the 2018 season. “We’re glad to get a good kick-off here in 2018,” he concluded.

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