GFVGA Welcomes New President

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The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (GFVGA) will welcome a new president in January. Aries Haygood — current vice president of the GFVGA, vice chair of the Vidalia Onion Committee and grower at M&T Farms — will succeed Mike Bruorton as GFVGA president.

Haygood says he is excited to take his seat as GFVGA president at the start of the new year. “It’s all about giving back to the industry in any way we can,” he says.

As the produce industry continues to grow nationwide, Haygood is determined to help Georgia continue on that path. “We have so many opportunities. I’m just trying to be on the forefront and lead that movement. That’s what I’m looking forward to most,” he says.

Facing challenges in the industry is another aspect Haygood plans to address. He says he hopes he can continue the legacy of the GFVGA and Georgia agriculture, so it will still be around when his kids grow older.

Hear Haygood’s comments:

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