Insect Concerns? Possible Resistance to Coragen in Beet Armyworm

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By Clint Thompson

University of Georgia (UGA) Extension specialists are alerting specialty crop producers about the potential resistance of Coragen in beet armyworms.

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Stormy Sparks, (UGA) Extension vegetable entomologist, cautions growers in the UGA Extension Vegetable Blog that beet armyworm is surviving applications of chlorantraniliprole (Coragen, Prevathon, Vantacor, Besiege) in cowpea and peanut fields.

While additional research needs to be done to verify resistance exists, growers are advised to take appropriate action. Sparks implores producers not to overspray certain products if they are struggling to gain control.

“The main thing is we want growers to know is that if they use Coragen, Prevathon or any of the other things that have chlorantraniliprole in it and they don’t get control, don’t go back out there and spray the same stuff again, which is what many will do,” Sparks said. “This would be something new if it does happen. It looks like it’s happening, but we haven’t proven it.

“If we have resistance, we don’t know how widespread it is.”

The cowpea field was treated multiple times with products containing chlorantraniliprole and still had high populations of beet armyworm larvae. If resistance is present, it will impact multiple crops that beet armyworm feeds on.

“Beet armyworm has a very wide host range. That’s why it’s a concern,” Sparks said.