Insect Activity Increasing Across Alabama

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Insect activity has increased across Alabama, according to Alabama Extension. Traps record pest populations across the state over a two-week period.

Photo of a beet armyworm

Specialty crop producers should be wary of beet armyworms and southern armyworms. Beet armyworms have increased 32% compared to a 75% increase for fall armyworms. According to the pest monitoring report, there were 99 beet armyworms on July 1, compared to 75 two weeks prior. There were 43 fall armyworms recorded, compared to 30 two weeks ago.

Southern armyworms have increased by 40%, 79 to 110; while yellowstriped armyworms have increased 6%, 16 to 17.

Tomato fruitworm/corn earworm infestations have gone up by 32%, while tobacco budworms have increased by 14%.

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