Phil Stansly to Discuss Whiteflies at Citrus Expo

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Phil Stansly

Whiteflies vector diseases that can deteriorate crops and drastically reduce yield. Whiteflies have proven to be a major pest in Florida tomatoes and cucurbits.

According to Stansly, whiteflies can cause severe problems in tomatoes. “You can have irregular ripening, so even if you’re using a variety that’s resistant to the viruses, you can still run into trouble if the populations are high enough,” he explains.

During his Citrus Expo presentation, Stansly will summarize his work on whiteflies from over the years, including research on whitefly control. He says the presentation will also touch on insecticides and their efficacy against whiteflies. He adds that he has done some successful research on managing whiteflies in tomatoes and other crops with biological controls. He will share those results as well. Stansly’s presentation will be during the Wednesday afternoon session.

Citrus Expo will take place August 15–16 at the Lee Civic Center in North Fort Myers, Florida. Growers will not want to miss this year’s event, so don’t wait. Click here or call 352-671-1909 to pre-register. All pre-registered growers will be automatically entered for a chance to win a John Deere gun safe courtesy of Everglades Equipment Group.

Due to a staggering amount of support, Citrus Expo is currently sold out of indoor exhibitor space, but there are outdoor booths available. If you would like to exhibit outdoors or be added to the waiting list for indoor space, please fill out a registration form.

Information about the seminar sessions is now available. Click here to view the seminar schedule. Be sure to mark your calendar for Citrus Expo’s biggest year yet! To learn more about Citrus Expo, including host hotel information, visit

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