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The February issue of VSCNews magazine is packed with information about protecting your crops against disease. Included in the issue is the latest research on diseases like target spot, fusarium wilt, center rot and more.

Gary Vallad, University of Florida associate professor, explores target spot in tomatoes. He discusses what to look for as well as methods for management.

Bhabesh Dutta, University of Georgia assistant professor and Extension vegetable disease specialist, covers center rot in Vidalia onion. According to Dutta, Georgia plants approximately 12,000 acres of sweet Vidalia onions every year, which brings in $145 million. So, protecting this crop against center rot is critical for growers.

Abbey Taylor, VSCNews magazine assistant editor, addresses three diseases in the February issue: fusarium wilt, whitefly-vectored diseases and bacterial wilt. These diseases can impact a variety of crops in the Southeast, so you will not want to miss this information. The articles report on projects performed by University of Florida researchers.

AgNet Media Founder and President Gary Cooper returns with his monthly column. In the February issue, he discusses the growth of the recent Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference.

Finally, get a taste of what’s happening in California’s agricultural market in the News from the West column, which features stories from

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