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Biotechnology may change the agricultural world as we know it today. In fact, it has already changed the industry in many ways. The January issue of VSCNews magazine will explore biotechnology and the opportunities it holds.

Kevin Folta, University of Florida (UF) professor, discusses what gene editing really means and the need for public support. He gives an overview of what gene editing can accomplish and why it is critical that those in the agricultural industry understand the science.

Billions of Americans take multivitamins daily. Jaya Joshi, a postdoctoral associate at UF, presents an alternative to these vitamins: biofortification. The article explains what biofortification is and the benefits it can bring to consumers of fruits and vegetables.

Creating better crops is always a goal for breeding programs throughout the United States. Tong Geon Lee, an assistant professor at UF,summarizes genomic technologies aimed at breeding improved crops.

Find out how research on human aging could impact horticultural crops in Jenelle Patterson’s article. Patterson is also a postdoctoral associate at UF.

The January issue also includes a spotlight on blueberries. Topics like pollination and disease will be featured in this special section of the magazine.

Finally, VSCNews is excited to return to the Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference. Read about the conference and find out where you can connect with the VSCNews team in the January issue. To receive future issues of VSCNews magazine, click here.

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