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Weeds can be one of the biggest nuisances for a grower. The March issue of VSCNews magazine will give growers tips on how best to get out of the weeds.

University of Florida (UF) researchers Ramadas Kanissery and Camille McAvoy discuss hyrdrogels as herbicide carriers in this month’s issue. They explain how hydrogels work and the advantages of applying them to help suppress weeds.

Kanissery and McAvoy return with a second article, along with Nathan Boyd, a UF weed scientist. This article focuses on how tomato growers can avoid crop injury from herbicides by applying the chemicals correctly.

Maximizing plastic mulch is another topic addressed in the March issue. Boyd explores the possibility of growing multiple crops on the same plastic mulch.

UF Professor Arnold Schumann discusses up-and-coming technology that can identify weeds in beds for smart spraying of herbicides. He gives details on research projects he and his colleagues are working on to improve weed control in strawberries and vegetables.

Aside from weed control, readers will learn more about pongamia, an alternative crop to citrus that may be worth consideration. Also, readers can find tips on how to perfectly prune peach trees.

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