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Enter the complex world of biogenetic technology in the May issue of VSCNews magazine.

Gain a better understanding of gene editing technology in an article by horticultural scientists Andrew Hanson and Guillaume Beaudoin. They explain how gene editing is revolutionizing agricultural biotechnology.

Also featured in the May issue is an article by University of Florida student Anne Schwartz that details the next big biotech traits in tomatoes, citrus and strawberries. She discusses the biogenetic technology that researchers are using to help growers fight disease issues in those crops.

DNA sequencing is another article topic in the May issue. Tong Geon Lee, a University of Florida assistant professor, explains the process of DNA sequencing and how it is contributing to crop improvement.

Kevin Folta, professor and chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, explores the potential Florida native plants hold, including the possibility for new varieties.

In his From the Back Forty column, AgNet Media’s founder and president, Gary Cooper, invites growers to attend the upcoming Citrus Expo. This year, the event is expanding to include seminars geared to vegetable and specialty crops growers.

Finally, learn what’s happening in California’s agricultural market in the News from the West column, which features an article from

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