Sneak Peek: April 2024 Specialty Crop Grower Magazine

Clint ThompsonSneak peek

The April issue of Specialty Crop Grower Magazine focuses on Georgia vegetable farmer Jaime Patrick and how farming “fulfills” him.

The producer from Omega, Georgia, grows a plethora of crops over 5,000 acres in South Georgia and employs more than 400. He talks about how technology has changed the way he and others farm and how he remains a strong advocate for Georgia farmers.

Nematodes remain an arch nemesis of Georgia vegetables. In a survey among vegetable-producing counties, root-knot nematode was identified as the most widespread in the vegetable production areas; present in 60% of the fields surveyed. Johan Desaeger, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences nematologist, discussed recent research on nematodes and what management options he recommends.

Viral disease in cucurbit crops is a major problem for vegetable producers. One of those key spreaders of viruses is the whitefly. Stormy Sparks, entomologist with the University of Georgia, highlights some of the viruses that whiteflies are responsible for and what management options are recommended.

Also included is information generated from the 2022 Census of Agriculture, how it reflects farm consolidation and an aging demographic.

Details about the upcoming Florida Citrus Show are also in the April magazine. Registration and additional information about the April 3 show are included in the issue.