South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline: Aphid Pressure Increasing

Clint ThompsonFlorida

Aphid pressure is increasing across southern Florida, according to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline.

Photo courtesy of South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline.

Scouts are reporting low to moderate numbers in central Florida. Recent increases have occurred despite insecticide applications being made, especially with melon aphids.

The outlook is especially concerning in Southwest Florida, as populations are observed to be moderate to high in pepper fields and showing up in additional crops. Control of the pests has been challenging, as populations have reached very high levels.

In the Everglades Agricultural Area, aphid pressure has increased to moderate levels in cabbage. Insecticide applications are needed to keep the populations under control.

Populations vary across fields along the east coast. Low populations are observed in some locations and moderate to high in others. They have increased in pepper with mature eggs being reported.Source: South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline