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Get in the know on H2O with the November issue of VSCNews magazine. Water is a crucial aspect of agriculture in the Southeast, and the November magazine will give readers an update on ongoing water issues and a new irrigation technology.

As the Florida population grows, water resources become scarcer, creating a challenge for the state’s agriculture industry. Rich Budell, executive director of the Florida Agribusiness Council, discusses this problem and more in his article.

Many readers may have seen recent stories in the news on blue-green algae near Lake Okeechobee. The November issue of VSCNews magazine will explore this topic in two articles. One article, written by University of Florida (UF) Program Extension Agent Lisa Krimsky, discusses what exactly makes up blue-green algae. She also touches on red tide and what elements are causing it in Florida’s waterways. In another article, Abbey Taylor, VSCNews magazine’s assistant editor, sets the record straight on where exactly this toxic water in coming from.

The ongoing Florida-Georgia water war is also discussed in the November issue. Charles Shinn, director of government and community affairs at the Florida Farm Bureau Federation, discusses work that Florida is doing to help heal the Apalachicola Bay. Casey Cox, a farmer from southwest Georgia, shares her experiences during the ongoing water war as well as her hopes for the future.

Finally, UF graduate student Ibukun T. Ayankojo and Kelly Morgan, center director of the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, discuss a new SmartIrrigation technology that helps growers schedule irrigation more efficiently.

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