South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline: Caterpillar Pressure Increasing

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Caterpillar pressure is low but increasing across areas in southern Florida, according to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline.

Caterpillar Pressure

Low worm activity was reported in central Florida. Worm pressure varies depending on crop and location in southwest Florida. Low to moderate levels of beet armyworms, southern armyworms, fall armyworms, loopers, hornworms, melonworms and fruitworms are being reported, with beet armyworms being the most common.

In the Everglades Agricultural Area, scouts are reporting fall armyworm infestations in low to moderate levels in sweet corn. Low fall armyworm populations were observed in cabbage, while low numbers of armyworms and loopers have been seen in lettuce. Beet armyworms were reportedly low but increasing in celery.

Scouts are reporting increased beet armyworm pressure up to moderate levels in peppers. Fall and beet armyworms are also increasing in sweet corn. Melon and pickle worms are increasing in cucumbers as well.

Beet armyworms are increasing in beans, eggplant, corn and okra in Homestead, Florida. Southern armyworm numbers are also increasing in eggplant and tomato. Fall armyworm infestations are increasing in sweet corn, while tomato fruit worm is increasing in bean, eggplant and tomato.