Supply Chain Emergency in Georgia

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Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s executive order declaring a supply chain emergency for his state will remain in effect through Sunday, May 15. The main points of the executive order include:

Supply Chain Emergency
Brian Kemp
  • “No motor carrier operating under the terms of this State of Emergency will require or allow an ill or fatigued driver to operate a motor vehicle. A driver who notifies a motor vehicle carrier that he or she needs immediate rest will be given at least 10 consecutive hours off-duty before being required to return to service.”
  • “The federal rules and regulations limiting hours that operators of commercial vehicles may drive are suspended to ensure the supply chain for all supplies, goods and services throughout Georgia is uninterrupted. The suspension will remain in effect for 30 days or until the emergency condition ceases to exist, whichever is less.”
  • “That commercial vehicles operating outside the normal weight, height and length restrictions under the authority of this State of Emergency shall be issued permits by the Georgia Department of Public Safety.”
  • “Pursuant to Code Section 10-1-393.4, price gouging related to goods and services necessary to prepare for and respond to this State of Emergency, including motor fuel and diesel fuel, would be detrimental to the social and economic welfare of the citizens of this State and is therefore prohibited.”

All the stipulations of the Executive Order became effective on Saturday, April 16 and shall be valid for 30 days, expiring on Sunday, May 15 at 11:59 p.m. unless the supply chain emergency order is renewed by the governor.

Click here to read the full Executive Order.