Thrips Parvispinus Levels in South Florida

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Thrips parvispinus levels in bell pepper fields range from low to high along the east coast, according to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline.

Thrips parvispinus

Infestation levels depend on neighboring crop conditions, as well. Populations are still high in certain areas, although not as high as originally seen last fall at the location of first detection. As many as eight adults per bloom were observed in heavily infested pepper fields. Immatures on fruits were also reported.

Population levels are still very low in inland Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Pepper, eggplant, tomato and potato fields are being scouted in southwest Florida. Thrips parvispinus has yet to be reported in these crops, though the pest has been observed in an ornamental nursery.

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences reports the pest is present in very low numbers in Homestead, Florida; with 0 to 4 per 20 leaves in peppers and beans.

Producers should contact Anna Meszaros at or Craig Frey at for sampling and confirmation if they suspect Thrips parvispinus in their crop.