Georgia Citrus Growers Pass Commodity Commission Market Order

Clint ThompsonCitrus, Georgia

Atlanta, Ga – Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper announced on Friday that Georgia citrus growers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the marketing order proposed by the Georgia Citrus Commodity Commission.

Established in 2023 to support Georgia’s burgeoning citrus industry, the Citrus Commodity Commission will collect a two-tenths-of-cent-per-pound assessment on marketed Georgia citrus. It will be used to fund research, education and promotion efforts to support the industry. This is the commission’s first approved Market Order, and 94% of citrus growers voted in favor.

This assessment applies to Georgia producers engaged in or with the potential to sell at least 50,000 or more of citrus fruit every year.

The marketing order will remain in effect for three years, subject to renewal by growers through another vote at that time.

Source: Georgia Department of Agriculture